Theo & Hannah 2013
Theo & Hannah - Portland Maine

Theo & Hannah - Portland Maine

Theo Milo specializes in both digital and film photography.  He takes on a limited number of weddings each year in his home state of North Carolina reserving the rest of his availability for bookings all over the country and even abroad.  Attention to detail, respect and professionalism are the foundation of his business approach.

"Within every couple, lies a great story waiting to be told. Waiting to be lived. Your wedding day, in many ways, will be a representation of this. It is my responsibility and great privilege to help tell and share that story, from start to finish. And although some may believe the exchange of vows is the “pivotal moment” within their story, I believe it’s one of many. One very important event within a collection of moments only the two of you could create. 

Telling your story is how I approach capturing your wedding day. Every couple and every wedding has their own ingredients, their own formula, their own unique nuances.

There is a time to direct and a time to stay out of the way.  I have much experience with camera shy couples (90% of my clients are normal people, not models!).  Fitting seamlessly into your wedding day is of utmost importance to me, nonintrusive, yet creatively, and calmly able to give direction when needed.  My style of photography has been described as photojournalism meets fine-art, but more than that, I believe my style is genuine to the couple, to the moment, to the story.  Reading people, and situations so I can keep the moment or day comfortable and enjoyable.

At the end of the day, when your guests have all gone home, when you are now officially husband and wife,  I will have helped you share and preserve the precious, the spontaneous and the intimate moments of your wedding day. From once upon a time, to happily ever after!"

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Theo lives with his wife, Hannah, in southeastern NC. They love to travel (especially abroad!) and practically live on coffee or tea! Theo is also a musician, and Hannah a freelance hair stylist. Art is just in their blood! Theo grew up in Northern California and attended music school in Los Angeles before moving to North Carolina and beginning his career in the wedding industry.  Hannah grew up in Senegal West Africa (sticking out like a sore thumb!) before returning to the states and finishing her education.  They hold close to their hearts the teachings of Jesus and strive to love, care for and accept people from all walks of life without reservation... as He did…