The engagement session is the beginning of your journey with me. The events, your individual stories, all that has happened to bring you together as a couple to this place. It captures your love story, the surprise of the ring, the excitement of the wedding and your life together as husband and wife! As your photographer, my goal is create an environment where you feel comfortable interacting with each other in both fun moments and sweet ones too. This session is meant to be light hearted and low pressured as we all get to know one another better!

Just some things to think about and let me know…


concept and Location

What look are hoping to achieve? Mood? Feel? 

Urban: Brick walls. Alleyways. Streets. Cobblestones. Abandoned building. Etc.

Nature-ish: Open fields. Orchards. Do you know someone who owns a farm or a winery? These would be perfect!

Beach/Water: Dunes. Shore. Sunset. Sand. Pier. Lake or pond too!

Is there a place that is special to you as a couple? Maybe you met abroad, or are from the west coast? Let’s go to the place that speaks to you! (Additional fees may apply).  Are you going on vacation somewhere cool, I’d love to meet up for a couple hrs one afternoon there!  You would be surprised how easy and well this could work out!

The idea is to give the engagement session some context around you two and the setting will play a role in this!



What are your hobbies, your passions? I love coffee shops that welcome you to sip and read and think. How about outdoorsy things? Maybe you have beach cruisers, or are rock climbers…Maybe you have a boat or kayak, or stand up paddle board or canoe, let’s think personable and unique! Something that will give us a little extra something to work with for photos. Maybe you just would love to grab a bottle of wine and have a picnic in a park. That works great as well!

If you want some further inspiration, check out Pinterest.

San Francisco-engagement-session-bernal-photographer-film-05.jpg


Take it up a notch, we want to make a statement here!  Dress nice!  I recommend bringing a couple options.   Feel free to run anything by me. 

It’s also important to do something special with hair and makeup, nothing crazy but remember this is a date!

Layers and accessories! Bring along a fancy jacket, stylish umbrella, or maybe you have some heirloom jewelry you want to wear..carefully. I definitely embrace fun, colorful details!